Now Accepting 4H & FFA ShowRabbits

We are having many calls about room and access for Rejected Show Rabbits. Yes we have room. We would appreciate a $30.00 {would be appreciated} donation for each animal and all usable supplies, cages or hutches that you may have to donate. Your Rabbits will retire, no breeding and live out its life among friends. All donations go towards the care of these rabbits, there is no admin fees applied. All rabbits will be received with or without a donation. The 4H Clubs are a great place for kids to learn responsibilities and how to care for others. From what I have been told for ever Rabbit that places in a show hundreds are rejected not to mention the ones that are no allowed to go to the show because of flaws. After the show is over even the Champions need a place to retire.We would like to ofer your 4H Rabbits that place to retire. You may call Anthony at 210-240-6793